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Experience urban luxury, and stay where Luxury row & the iconic Robson Street intersect.

The Carmana Hotel & Suites is nestled in the heart of Vancouver's bustling downtown core, along Luxury row, a 2 block stretch on Alberni Street where many designer fashion brands have planted roots only a block away from the iconic Robson Street shopping area.

Kiehl's Boutique

An exceptional skincare brand, celebrated for its unwavering commitment to quality and a heritage dating back to 1851. Kiehl's nature-inspired and scientifically-proven formulas have created a skincare experience that is as exceptional as it is enduring. Carmana guests can experience a complimentary skincare consultation, free samples and 15% off their purchase at the Kiehl's Boutique on 1021 Robson Street (exclusions & restrictions apply).

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Elevate your shopping experience with a visit to Burberry, which is located half a block from the Carmana Hotel & Suites. With a legacy of classic British style and innovations, Burberry embraces the essence of a modern lifestyle. Immerse yourself in their iconic trench coats, contemporary fashion, and accessories that effortlessly blend tradition and trend.

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Tiffany & Co

Delve into the world of elegance and luxury at Tiffany & Co., a short distance away from our hotel. Known for its timeless pieces and exquisite jewelry, Tiffany & Co. embodies a lifestyle of beauty and charm. Whether you're exploring their engagement rings or iconic blue boxes, it's a place where moments and memories are celebrated in style.

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Discover a world of timeless elegance at Hermes, just a leisurely stroll from our hotel. Renowned for its iconic luxury fashion, Hermes offers a lifestyle of refinement and sophistication.

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